Welsh Hazel Basketry Courses 2020

Courses in 2020 (scroll down for course information)

February 11th-13th        3 day course at Bron Haul Farm, LL22 9DY
March 21st-22nd            2 day course at Woodland Skills Centre, LL16 4DT

Please get in touch to arrange other dates. I need 2 students for a course to run. 

For a taste of what hazel basketry involves, have a look at this 3hr50min(!)YouTube film following Lewis Goldwater making his local style of hazel basketry from the Welsh borders.

Swallow’s Nest Basket (2-4 students)

This 1 day course is suitable for beginners. You will learn knife skills to dress the hazel handle and cleave and dress ribs for your basket. You will then weave out your basket using material that has been prepared for you.

£80 inc all materials and refreshments.

Small Hazel  Basket (2-4 students)

This 2 day course is for students with some experience with greenwood crafts or weaving. You will learn knife skills to cleave and dress ribs, prepare and dress weaving strips and then use this material to make a small frame basket. 

£150 inc all materials and refreshments.

Small Hazel Basket – Advanced (3 days)

This course is intended for students who are experienced greenwood workers/coppice workers/basketmakers who would like to add hazel basketry techniques to their repertoire. Students will make a hazel basket and there will be time to go into the woods to harvest suitable hazel rods and have a go at making a hoop for your next basket. There will be more time to practice making and dressing strips. The more material you succeed in preparing during the first half of the course, the more ambitious your basket project will be! Please contact me to discuss your requirements and arrange dates.